Clauson, Marc A.

About the author: Marc A. Clauson is Associate Professor of History and Law at Cedarville University in Ohio. He received his PhD from the University of Free State, Republic of South Africa and obtained a JD from West Virginia University. His area of specialty is Modern Intellectual History, particularly the history of theology and philosophy, as well as the history of scientific thought, and the interaction of the three areas.

History of the Idea of
2006 0-7734-5598-1
This book addresses the idea that the judicial law of God, as found in the Old Testament of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, has a place in legal and political thought and practice, as well as economic thought, and has advanced in various forms since the beginning of Christianity, and previously, during the period of the Hebrew Commonwealth. This work traces the Theonomic movement and its ideas from its roots in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries into its modern form, placing Theonomy in context of legal, political, and economic philosophy.

Study of Scottish Hermeneutical Method From John Knox to the Early Twentieth Century: From Christian to Secular
2004 0-7734-6416-6
This work examines the evolution of Scottish hermeneutical method from John Knox to the early 20th century, showing how the method was transformed from a Primitivism (a term borrowed from the history of ideas) to “historical consciousness” as represented by the higher critical method. This work examines the whole “big picture” of transformation based on the “paradigm shift” or presuppositions from the primitivism of John Knox and others to the Enlightenment-based historical-critical method.