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Khin Oo (pseudonym) is a graduate student in International Affairs at a major American university. A native of Burma, Khin Oo is a Phi Beta Kappa and honor’s graduate of an American college where she majored in Economics and Asian Studies. She has published articles and reviews on the Burma crisis in a variety of scholarly journals and has presented papers at several Asian Studies conferences.

Burma's Modern Tragedy
2004 0-7734-6295-3
For centuries visitors to Burma have come away with a sense of awe and respect for a highly civilized people who live in an incredibly beautiful country. Burma is a land with considerable natural resources that should be one of the wealthiest in Asia, but while some other Southeast Asian countries have democratized and prospered, Burma has not. The Burmese are ruled by a highly repressive military dictatorship which has ruined the economy and imprisoned its own people in a living hell where they are deprived not only of their livelihood, but also their most basic civil rights. The military junta has raped the land as well as the people and has transformed one of the wealthiest nations in Asia into one of the poorest with an annual per capita income of under US$300.

While many Burmese have resigned themselves to their fate, others continue to resist the tyranny that has overwhelmed their country. Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders of the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) and the Burmese democracy movement in Burma and abroad have demonstrated tremendous courage and endured considerable suffering in their efforts to inaugurate a democratic society in their land.

The goal of this volume is to introduce the reader to conditions in Burma through the eyes of Burmese and foreign scholars who present a variety of perspectives of life in this noble land. This study aims at a collective portrait of the dismal reality of a suffering citizenry who if allowed to be free could be among the most creative, energetic and productive people of Asia. It also looks at the complexity of a highly heterogeneous people striving to find a collective identity amidst the chaos of savage repression.