Smith, Kenneth Edward

Kenneth Edward Smith received his Ph.D. from University of Wales and is currently Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing at the Open University. He has published widely on late 18th-century literature, focusing on the relationships between sense and sensibility and on radical dissenting culture.

An Analysis of William Blake’s Early Writings and Designs to 1790 Including Songs of Innocence
1999 0-7734-7922-8
The study places Blake's Songs of Innocence in their historical context, and sites the poet within an historical work that bridges traditional, canonical categories of high culture versus popular culture. The author's aim was to return innocence to its original literary-historical context. Songs of Innocence and other early writings are included in the text.

Dorothy Wordsworth and the Profession of Authorship: A Critical Commentary on Her Letters, Journals, Life Writing, and Poetry
2011 0-7734-1533-5
Manuscript reveals the range of Dorothy Wordsworth’s letters, journals, narratives and poetry. It also examines her severe self-criticism and appeal to readers of subsequent generations.