Glumm, Karen Books

Dr. Karen Glumm teaches at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, N.C. She received her Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Texas in 1994.

How the Factor of Profitability Determines the Psychiatric Diagnosis: Case Studies of Social Triage in the Texas Psychiatric Hospital Industry
2012 0-7734-2657-4
Glumm takes first hand accounts of private psychiatric hospitals policies and shows that there is often willful neglect of patients who do not have the money to pay, and sometimes there is even manipulation on behalf of psychiatrists and nurses to keep people in therapy just to run up their expenses with insurance companies, only to miraculously ‘cure’ them when their coverage runs out. Testimonial statements during congressional hearings are made available in this text, and the book describes what political fallout occurred, if any, once patients stepped forward to report their lack of care. While most of the evidence in this book is circumstantial, and based on anecdotal stories, the implication is that neglect is widespread. Glumm, borrowing from Sjoberg and Vaughn, offers a new way of understanding psychiatric care in private hospitals – social triage. Unlike medical triage, social triage looks to the needs of the organization and sorts out clients according to the impact they will have on its survival, and divides people whether or not they will be profitable, marginal, or costly. In private hospitals health care is rationed according to the demands of organizational efficiency.