Kargbo, Joseph M.

Dr. Kargbo is a Financial Advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services and American Express Financial Advisors. He received his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University.

Political Instability and Economic Recovery in Sierra Leone
2011 0-7734-1597-1
The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2002) killed hundreds of thousands of people and left Sierra Leone devastated economically. By examining the political economy of Sierra Leone, this book studies the causes of the civil war and offers economic solutions on how to prevent a future outbreak of violence. Significantly, the book takes on several controversial issues which many scholars tend to shy away from, including: ethnic rivalry, corruption, smuggling, drug trafficking, and most importantly the influence of political parties upon socio-economic policymaking. The book is of interest to graduate and undergraduate students interested in politics and economic development in Sierra Leone since its independence in 1961.