Robinson, Jeffrey C. Books

About the poet: Jeffrey C. Robinson's most recent books include: Romantic Presences: Living Images in the Age of Wordsworth and Shelley (1995), Reception and Poetics in Keats: My Ended Poet (1998), and The Life of Things (2001). He has recently co-edited two anthologies - The Walker's Literary Companion (2000) and The Quotable Walker (2000) - and is working on a large study of Romantic Counter-poetics. Mellen published Spliced Romanticism in 1997.

Spliced Romanticism
1997 0-7734-2814-3
A book in four sequences, each sequence featuring a poetic response to some aspect of Romantic poetry in an effort to 'update' that poetry in terms of contemporary poetics and idiom.

Wordsworth Notebook: Moods of My Own Mind and Other Poems From Romanticism
2002 0-7734-3431-3
This volume continues the project begun in Romantic Presences (1995), Spliced Romanticism (Mellen, 1997) and The Life of Things (2001) - of recasting the language, imagery and events from British Romantic Poetry (principally that of Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats) into original poems in a contemporary idiom and post-modern poetics. The title-sequence imagines an "inner world" of William and Dorothy Wordsworth during a summer (1802) of intense writing of poems and journal entries. Another sequence joins and reworks the language of Romantic poems with that of select twentieth-century poets. The book also includes a series of "found poems" in the letters of Keats. Through Robinson's revisionary process, old poems and associations come de-familiarized into view again but, in a sense, for the first time.