Thomas, James H.

Principal Lecturer in History at the University of Portsmouth, James H. Thomas has, since 1968, been actively researching Portsmouth’s maritime development. This volume is the result of fifteen years’ work. He has two other books and numerous papers and articles on various aspects of local and maritime history to his credit.

East India Company and the Provinces in the Eighteenth Century. Vol. 1- Portsmouth and the East India Company 1700-1815.
1999 0-7734-8201-6
The volumes draw on exhaustive study of the Company’s voluminous archive and upon the holdings of two dozen other repositories. Archives throughout England, the Orkney Islands, the Channel Islands, the Netherlands, the Isle of Man, Denmark, Sweden and the USA were consulted. For the first time, the provincial impact of England’s largest, most powerful, caring and successful of commercial undertakings will be assessed in full context. This volume, the first in a trilogy, fills a gap of information by examining the East India Company’s relationship with, and impact upon the mighty military and naval town of Portsmouth, considering local, regional, national and international developments during the crucial period 1700-1815.

East India Company and the Provinces in the Eighteenth Century. Vol. 2- Captains, Agents and Servants. A Gallery of East India Company Portraits.
2007 0-7734-5270-1
This volume is the first attempt to examine the East India Company’s activities and importance at a provincial level in the eighteenth century through the lives and experiences of those who were employed by this powerful and multi-faceted business concern. Drawing on manuscript from 27 different archive repositories and an array of printed primary and secondary sources, it sets out to fill a major gap in the knowledge of the East India Company and its multifarious activities. This book contains 3 color photographs.