Felson, Jacob Books

Dr. Jacob Felson holds a Ph.D in Sociology from Pennsylvania State University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at William Patterson University.

What Can We Learn From the Study of Twins?: An Evaluation of the Equal Environments Assumption
2012 0-7734-2907-7
Most evidence about genetic behavior comes from twin studies. The presumption is that this enables an equal environment assumption (EEA). This book argues that the validity of the EEA argument is not as strong as some behavior geneticists have claimed. Felson conducts the most comprehensive evaluation of the EEA to date. His analysis incorporates a larger more diverse set of outcome variables than any previous research on the subject. He generates estimates of genetic influence with and without controls for environmental similarity. This shows the extent of EEA violation in a straightforward manner. The findings are not easily categorized as supporting or undermining EEA. This is the most comprehensive analysis of the EEA argument to date. It discusses twin studies that date back to the 1930's up until the current research of today.