Nicol, Iain G. Books

About the author: Iain G. Nicol is Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at Knox College (Presbyterian Church in Canada) in the Toronto School of Theology. Among other translations from German, articles, and chapters in books, he has also already published in the Edwin Mellen Press's Schleiermacher: Studies-and-Translation Series as editor of and contributor to Schleiermacher and Feminism (1992), and as the translator in 1997 of Friedrich Schleiermacher, Reformed But Ever Reforming: Sermons in Relation to the Celebration of the Handing Over of the Augsburg Confession (1830).

Friedrich Schleiermacher on Creeds, Confessions and Church Union “ That They May Be One”
2004 0-7734-6464-6
This extraordinarily well-integrated work, organized by University of Toronto professor Iain Nicol, is a concise collection, from 1817 to 1822, of six essays, two sermons and one celebratory address. They offer, better than any other set of writings by his hand, Schleiermacher's faithful yet critical and innovative understanding of themes indicated in the title.

These items are translated here for the first time, eight from German (by Nicol) and one from Latin (the 1817 "Oratio" by Terrence Tice). Together they represent Schleiermacher at his ecclesial best: as epoch-making interpreter of creeds and confessions, as engaging preacher to a worshipping community, as university scholar in service of the church (as he emphasizes the 16th century Reformers were), as official leader, as critically minded student of tradition, as sharp but loving debater on crucial issues, and as advocate of Christian community and church union.

Reformed But Ever Reforming: Sermons in Relation to the Celebration of the The Handing Over of the Augsburg Confession (1830)
1997 0-7734-8484-1
This sermonic treatise discusses some basic concerns regarding confession of faith within the German Evangelical church. It is both affirming and critical of the Augsburg Confession, handed over to the Emperor Charles V in 1530. Unified in mood and presentation, they comprise a companion volume to an ethical sermonic treatise on The Christian Household (Mellen, 1991).