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Over the past forty years, Professor Herbert Richardson has worked with over 5,000 scholars in preparing their books and articles for publication. His primary interest has always been how to help professors develop their scholarly and pedagogical careers. Professor Richardson received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and is the author or translator of over 20 books.

Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises
1974 0-88946-997-6

Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume I: Monologion. Proslogion. Debate with Guanilo. a Meditation on Human Redemption
1974 0-88946-000-0
Draws together three works which illustrate Anselm's distinctive contributions to 11th-century philosophy and theology. "These translations . . . are on the whole clear, intelligible, and sufficiently faithful to the original Latin. Considering how dense and compressed Anselm's Latin is, that is no mean achievement." - Theology "The editors claim with justice that the examples of Anselm's work presented here provide a most striking instance of the mediaeval world's desire to combine the spiritual and rational elements of human nature in a synthesis which does violence to neither." - Church Times "[T]he editors . . . are providing a valuable service in providing a translation from the modern critical edition of the text." - Expository Times "The editors have shown scholarship of the highest order both in the rendering itself, and the critical notes." - The Universe "a clear, scholarly, and readily available English version of [Anselm's] major writings" - The Tablet

Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume Ii: Philosophical Fragments. De Grammatico. on Truth. Freedom of Choice. the Fall of the Devil. the Harmony of the Foreknowledge, the Predestination, and the Grace of God with Free Choice
1976 0-88946-250-X

Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume Iii: Two Letters Concerning Roscelin. the Incarnation of the Word. Why God Became Man. the Virgin Conception and Original Sin. the Procession of the Holy Spirit. Three Letters on the Sacraments
1976 0-88946-350-6

Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume Iv: Hermeneutical and Textual Problems in the Complete Treatises of St. Anselm
1976 0-88946-551-7
For the advanced scholar. Seeks to illustrate the difficulty of grasping some of Anselm's ideas by showing how his simple language is not always clear and how some of his clear ideas are not always simple.

Anselm of Canterbury Trinity, Incarnation, and Redemption Three Philosophical Dialogues
2016 0-88946-844-3

Constitutional Issues in the Case of Reverend Moon. Amicus Briefs Presented to the United States Supreme Court
1989 0-88946-873-7
A compendium of amicus briefs (the largest number ever presented to the Supreme Court) for the use of scholars in this field.

Development of the Poetic Epic: Classic, Comic, Cyclic, Romantic, Satanic an Invited Lecture at the University of Toronto
This author argues that there is an intrinsic development in the western epic from the Greek problematic origins into its medieval, renaissance, and modern forms.He concludes by arguing that Wagner's music dramas explode beyond western epic themes.

Essays in Calvinist Social Theory. What Do Religion, Politics and Science Contribute to the Good Society
2016 1-4955-0498-0
This book, not an original work of the author but a graduate school project, collects essays that apply Calvinist political theology to a wide range of social issues. Calvinism’s impact upon society is so great that it has frequently been accused of being the cause of all the problems of modernity: the destruction of organic community, the domination of technology, the universalization of rationality, and a cost-benefit economic approach to all problems in life.

Friedrich Schleiermacher and the Founding of the University of Berlin. The Study of Religion as a Scientific Discipline
1991 0-88946-358-1
Four essays on Schleiermacher and the University of Berlin: "Neohumanist-Idealistic Concepts of a University: Schelling, Steffens, Fichte, Schleiermacher, and von Humboldt" by Edwina Lawler, "Schleiermacher on the Scientific Study of Religion" by Terrence N. Tice, "Promises of Positive Plurality: How Comparative Religion Could Have Been Studied in Schleiermacher's University of Berlin" by Joseph W. Pickle, and "What Hath Vienna To Do With Jerusalem? - Musical Experience and Religious Experience" by Albert L. Blackwell.

Helping Your Faculty to Do Research
2006 0-7734-5674-0
This book gives administrators at non-research oriented colleges and universities practical advice on how to help their faculty undertake scholarly research with the limitations of their local resources. It argues that such research has three values: 1) the faculty continue to grow intellectually; 2) they become better teachers; and 3) research publications contribute to the university’s academic image.

How Should a Christian Die?
2013 0-7734-2619-1
This monograph is a reflective journey about life and death by the Harvard and University of Toronto Professor, Herbert Richardson. Richardson explores the hardship of life and the spiritual suffering of a Christian trying to follow in the path of Jesus by contextualizing these ideas via the stages of life one passes through. By suffering like Christ, individuals are able to construct for themselves a life and a death that holds meaning because of what they did while on earth.

How to Write a Scholarly Book: Preparing Your Manuscript for Peer Review (paper edition)
2017 1-4955-0384-4
The goal of this book is to offer editorial suggestions that will help scholars prepare manuscripts for both peer review and publication. It proposes some issues authors should consider as they engage in the self-critical questionings that are crucial to their revising the text of their manuscripts.

Jonathan Edwards, America’s Spiritual Founding Father
2017 1-63313-004-5
This study describes how Jonathan Edwards created many of the ideas and social institutions that have shaped America. The astonishing thing about Jonathan Edwards is the remarkable way that his thinking and his ideas have permeated virtually all American intellectual and political life.

Jonathan Edwards’ Precocious Childhood, Oedipal Conflict, Mid-Life Identity Crisis, and Old Age Radicalization. Psychological Factors Shaping the Development of His Theology
2016 978-1-4955-0503-4
A study into Edwards’ thought through the developmental stages of his life: conflicts with his father, creation of a new identity for himself at middle age, and his old age radicalization. All these dimensions of his life affected his theological perspective.

New Religions and Mental Health Understanding the Issues
1988 0-88946-910-5
Presents a series of essays and legislative documents dealing with a variety of cults, and the discrimination against them.

New Studies in Richard Wagner's the Ring of the Nibelung
1992 0-88946-445-6
Papers presented at the 1988 Wagner conference in Seattle exploring this opera cycle as music, myth, theater art, and literature, including comparisons with T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland and with James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.

On the Problem of Surrogate Parenthood. Analyzing the Baby M Case
1987 0-88946-717-X
Addresses topics such as: Commodifying Motherhood; Motherhood as a Social Concept; and Bonding As A Sexist Notion.

Psychology of Mystical Christianity: A Christian Explanation of Reincarnation, Mystical Marriage, the Vision of God, Angels, Voices, Dreams, Communicating with the Dead, the Indwelling Christ, Martyrdom, Demonic Possession, and Other Unusual Experience
2015 1-4955-0414-X
This book is written for clergy who are approached by people asking questions about unusual spiritual experiences. Rather than being dismissive to those claiming they have lived previous lives or heard voices or who see the providence of God, this study attempts to enlighten clergy as to the possible ways to frame explanations regarding these spiritual experiences in a way that can avoid damaging the inquiring person’s faith.

Symbols of the Spiritual Quest
1991 0-7734-9765-X
A workbook for spiritual autobiography.

Time for Consideration. A Scholarly Appraisal of the Unification Church
1978 0-88946-954-7
Series of articles which place the Unification Church in the context of church history, sociology, and theology.

Toward an American Theology
1967 0-88946-028-0
This book grows out of the conviction that the coming epoch of history will be dominated by American social techniques that are creating a new unit of reality: the man-and -machine. Protestantism alone will not be able to form this new epoch. Instead, a new ecumenical theology is needed that will develop concepts and methods appropriate to its problems. The essays discuss a wide range of historical, philosophical, and doctrinal problems and proposes constructive solutions. In each case the author accepts the criticism of the new radical theology, but goes beyond it and draws upon the Christian tradition in order to arrive at a new alternative.

What Do Religion, Politics and Science Contribute to the Good Society? Essays in Calvinist Social Theory
1991 0-7734-9218-6
Essays include: The Sociotechnic Age; What Makes a Society Political?; Civil Religion in a Theological Perspective; Martin Luther King: Unsung Theologian; What is the Value of Life?; God is the Creator of Human Life: A Calvinist Defense of Surrogate Motherhood; Freedom and the Will; A Philosophy of Unity; and Three Myths of Transcendence. Includes an introduction which sets out, in concentrated form, some key theological issues in a Calvinist social theory and establishes the overall perspective within which the following essays are to be interpreted.

What Does It Mean to Be a Calvinist?
2016 1-4955-0494-8
This is an autobiographical reflection about the personal redundant influence of Calvinist theology on the development of the author's worldview. Calvin was trained in law, not trained in philosophy. Therefore, Calvin thought of the Bible as a legal document rather than as a philosophical treatise. So Calvin thought of God in a legal way, not a metaphysical way. He also thought that the Bible is the legal constitution of the Christian religion and he interprets the Bible from that "strict constructionist" mindset. This study is the author's process of separating his thinking about the world from a purely philosophical mindset to a worldview influenced heavily in what we call the Calvinistic way.

What Makes a Society Political? Four Philosophical Essays
2016 978-1-4955-0507-2