Büken, Gülriz

Gülriz Büken was an Associate Professor in the Department of History, Bilkent University, Ankara,Turkey until 2009. She also taught in the Department of American Literature at Hacettepe and Bilkent Universities. Since 1994 she has been President of the American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT) and a member of the board of the European Society of American Studies (EAAS) since 1997. Dr. Büken obtained her Ph.D. from the Deparment of English Literature at Hacettepe University.

Theme of Cultural Adaptation in American History, Literature and Film. Cases When the Discourse Changed
2009 0-7734-3876-9
This anthology covers new ground in the field of adaptation studies, specifically, as a branch of American Studies that not only encompasses literature and visual media, but also a wide-range of subject areas including, but not limited to, history, political science and cultural/ethnic studies. By looking at adaptation specifically in relation to the United States, the book investigates a variety of culturally and historically transformative strategies, as well showing how the process of adaptation has been influenced by social, ideological and political factors both inside and outside the United States.