Martin, Graham

About the author: Graham Dunstan Martin has translated poetry, written fiction and literary theory. He taught French, English and Spanish in secondary schools before lecturing in French literature at Edinburgh University for 35 years. He has also taught English at l’Université de Paris III.

An Inquiry Into the Purposes of Speculative Fiction - Fantasy and Truth
2003 0-7734-6735-1
This study contributes to the discussion on the meaning of folktales, which are taken entirely as seriously as mainstream fiction, and are seen as a continuum with modern literary fantasy, arguing that ‘ultrafiction’ (fantasy fiction and science fiction) have a wider range than either modernism or realism. It discusses both well-known writers and those less often studied, questioning the established ‘canon.’ It seeks an overall view of fantasy and science fiction, addressing the great range of the subject, e. g. mythology and metaphysics, the supernatural, utopia/dystopia, scientific speculation, and social morality.