Anastaplo, George Books

Campus Hate-Speech Codes, Natural Rights, and Twentieth Century AtrocitiesRevised and Expanded Edition
1999 0-7734-8847-2
The essays in this volume address the current problems posed by hate-speech. Expressed are concerns in which there is a vital need to restore the standard of civility by which productive discourse is sustained. As we are now confronted by the problem of what may be done, consistent with our constitutional principles and political habits, to discourage if not even suppress irresponsible speech on campuses and elsewhere, this volume presents commentary on the way back from ram[pant individualism to a proper sense of community. These talks were originally delivered on college campuses from 1991 to 1995. Notes identify the place and occasion of each lecture, and they and the conclusions are supplemented by notes from articles by the author which appeared in the South Dakota Law Review in 1997 and 1998.