Bentley, Jr., G.E. Books

G.E. Bentley, Jr. taught at the University of Toronto.

Emigrants or a Trip to the Ohio, a Theatrical Farce (1817): A Comedic Portrayal of English Emigrants Who Never Get to America
2012 0-7734-4088-7
George Cumberland’s unpublished and almost unrecorded farce of about 1817 called The Emigrants or A Trip to The Ohio amiably pokes fun at Yankees, Yorkshiremen, Irishmen, and Utopians, and it is a treasure-house of slang, such as “Obstropelous”. Its polymath author was a prolific artist, inventor, geologist, poet, political radical, novelist, and intimate friend of William Blake.

Thomas Macklin (1752-1800), Picture - Publisher and Patron: Creator of the Macklin Bible (1791-1800)
2016 1-4955-0453-0
This critical study of one of the most successful engravers, printseller, and publishers of the late-18th century, Thomas Macklin, fills a lacuna of information about this major figure in book culture of the 18th Century. Because very little has been said or written about Macklin, this work is a significant contribution to scholarship in this field and essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in this period of history.

William Blake’s Conversations: A Compilation, Concordance, and Rhetorical Analysis
2008 0-7734-4848-9
The first work dedicated to the analysis of William Blake’s conversations, this study examines how the poet’s pronunciation and dialect influence the full or partial consonance of his rhymes. This book contains six black and white photographs and one color photograph.