Gautier, Gary Books

About the author: Dr. Gautier received his PhD in English from the University of Colorado. He currently teaches in the English Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Landed Patriarchy in Fielding's Novels Fictional Landscapes, Fictional Genders
1998 0-7734-8509-0
Using Fielding's novels as a touchstone to larger cultural patterns, this study analyzes networks of class and gender ideologies that inform Fielding's five major works of fiction. This work will engage traditional Fielding scholars as well as feminist scholars, eighteenth-century scholars, and historians of the novel. “There are valuable insights here, and an almost encyclopedic coverage of Fielding’s politics and fielding criticism. . . . there is much to learn here. Gautier convincingly shows that Fielding’s allegiance was to the ‘landed order,’ and that his ’mid-Georgian conservativism’ was remarkably elastic. He is particularly adept at identifying examples of that elasticity and unraveling its implications.” – Studies in English Language “. . . this is a worthwhile contribution to studies on Fielding and studies more generally on politics, gender and the eighteenth-century novel. Gautier is equally unafraid to take on seemingly accepted positions and put forward his own idiosyncratic, but never outrageous, vision.” – Year’s Work in English Studies (Oxford)