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About the author:Frederick Tollini, SJ, received his PhD in Theatre History from Yale University and is Associate Professor of Theatre at Santa Clara University. In connection with his teaching of Shakespeare and Theatre History, Dr. Tollini has published a two-volume history of theatre, Performance and Culture (American Heritage Press) and numerous articles in professional journals. A past President of the California Educational Theatre Association, he has been involved in university theatre production as director, actor and translator for over thirty years.

Scene Design at the Court of Louis XIV - The Work of the Vigarani Family and Jean Berain
2003 0-7734-6675-4
This study adds another insight into the period of Luis XIV – that the confluence of the theatrical arts from older traditions developed to shape a distinctly French style which all pertained to the glorification of the Sun King. While previous studies have stressed the literary and musical side of the performances of the period, this study examines the settings and scene designs which completed the picture for the mythologies. Besides giving an account of the festivities of Versailles and setting them in their social environment, this work relates the spectacles to the political and social milieu, incorporating both contemporary literary theory and cultural history.

Shakespeare Productions of Max Reinhardt
2005 0-7734-6231-7