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About the author: Professor Donald Read of the University of Kent at Canterbury, England, has been active in the field of modern English historical scholarship for nearly 50 years. He is a past president of the [British] Historical Association. One of his particular concerns has been to use local historical sources as a basis for historical revision.

Manchester Boyhood in the Thirties and Forties - Growing Up in War and Peace
2003 0-7734-6741-6
This is an autobiography with an extra dimension. It tells the story of a boy who began life in the 1930s on one of the big-city council estates built between the wars. The families who lived on these estates have been called a ā€˜new working class.ā€™ While much has been written about the Victorian and Edwardian working classes, less has been heard about these new families, either from themselves or from historians. They coped with a succession of disruptive outside pressures: pre-war unemployment, wartime bombing, post-war restrictions. Donald Read, who won a scholarship to a grammar school and then went on to Oxford and became a professor of history, uses his skills as a professional historian to link his boyhood progress with the history of the time. As a result, this autobiography goes beyond the individual, combining frank personal detail with a wider and sometimes provocative historical awareness.