Chou, Diana Yeongchau

Dr. Diana Yeongchau Chou is Assistant Professor of Art History at John Carroll University. She received her Ph.D. in Chinese Art History from the University of Kansas, her M.A. in Art History from Northern Illinois University, and her B.A. in Western Literature and Languages from Providence University, Taiwan. She has published book reviews and articles in Journal of American Oriental Society, Palace Museum Journal, and Monumenta Serica.

Study and Translation From the Chinese of Tang Hou's huajian (examination of Painting)
2005 0-7734-6095-0
This book is the first careful study of Tang Hou and his Huajian. It provides a reconstruction of Tang Hou’s biography, political career, and his associations with the early Yuan elite and important figures, and further situates not only his equality with the most respected artistic advocators and leaders of his own time, but also his significance in the study of Chinese painting of the Yuan and beyond. In addition, this study also sheds light on the artistic context of the time in which Tang Hou’s artistic criteria developed, the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century China. This clarification of Tang Hou’s artistic milieu context and his Huajian contributes to modern scholarship by providing a careful assessment of Tang Hou’s thinking about and taste in paintings which, in turn, readjusts our perception of the painting developments in the Yuan.