Cox, Debbie Books

Dr. Debbie Cox works as a Curator in the Arabic Section of the British Library. She gained her first degree from Durham University and a doctorate from Oxford University. She has worked in various non-governmental organizations connected with the Arab world. Her research has focused on Arabic literature and language policy in Algeria, and she has published a number of articles on this area.

Politics, Language and Gender in the Algerian Arabic Novel
2002 0-7734-7124-3
This book examines the development of the Arabic novel in post-independence Algeria. It focuses on novels by Abdelhamid Benhadouga, al-Tahar Wattar and Rachid Boudjedra during the period 1972-1988, considering the possibilities for critical expression in the state which emerged from colonial rule and anti-colonial struggle. It investigates the authors’ attempts to negotiate the constraints arising from authoritarian rule and restrictive ideologies of language and gender. This is the first extended study of Algeria’s post-independence Arabic literature in a European language. It provides an alternative view which helps to contextualize and extend the study of French-language literature from North Africa, and also contributes to the field of Arabic literary studies by extending its focus beyond the eastern part of the Arab world. It is given added significance because the issue of language has been of critical importance within the current conflict in Algeria. It examines the situation of language under colonial rule, its place within the nationalist ideology, and the manipulation of language policy by a state seeking legitimacy. Its detailed examination of the arena of culture and identity contributes to an understanding of the conflict in Algeria and the legacy of colonial rule.