Dowdey, David Books

Dr. David Dowdey is Professor of German Language and Literature at Pepperdine University, California. He received his Ph.D. in German Studies from Vanderbilt University. He was the recipient of a DAAD award for doctoral studies at the Free University of Berlin, and also received an NEH grant for a summer seminar at Indiana University. Dr. Dowdey has presented papers at professional conferences and has published review essays in the Lessing Yearbook, The Germanic Quarterly, and Monatshefte.

Jewish-Christian Relations in Eigthteenth-Century Germany
2006 0-7734-5912-X
For centuries, the Jewish population of Europe has been subjected to dehumanization. Studies of European history, culture, and religion often assume that anti-Semitism is a specifically Christian phenomenon. This study sketches the historical background of anti-Semitism and extensively examines publications of the Institutum Judaicum in Halle as well as other pertinent archival materials, endeavoring to delineate some of the key people – particularly Johann Heinrich Callenberg – and how they contributed to rehumanizing the Jews.