Chopoidalo, Cindy

Dr. Cindy Chopoidalo is on the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature and on the Editorial Board of the Shakespeare Review. She received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Shakespeare's First Tetralogy, Epic Poetry, and Historiography: How a Dramatist Creates a Fictional World
2014 0-7734-4309-6
This monograph is a fresh investigation of both the sources for and adaptations of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Dr. Chopoidalo notes that Shakespeare adapted many of his works from existing historical or literary sources, in this case, Saxo Grammaticus’legendary Amleth in Historiae Danicae, Bellforest’s Histoires Tragiques, and Seneca with the subsequent Elizabethan and Jocabean revenge dramas, the first of these being Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy.