Ansari, Asloob Ahmad Books

Asloob Ahmad Ansari studied English at Oxford.

Existential Dramaturgy of William Shakespeare: Character Created Through Crisis
2010 0-7734-3603-0
An interpretation of Shakespeare through the spiritual crisis of his chief characters.

William Blake’s Minor Prophecies
2001 0-7734-7432-3
This work focuses on the development of the central myth worked out more extensively in The Four ZOAS, Milton and Jerusalem. “Professor Ansari has long been known as one of the leading Blake scholars of his time. This important contribution to the understanding of Blake’s early ‘Prophetic Books’ confronts issues which scholars have tended to avoid. . . . The difficulties presented by the combination of a purely personal mythological structure and terminology with a precise and detailed knowledge of current affairs scholars have been unable or reluctant to confront; Professor Ansari has undertaken the laborious but rewarding task of making an intensive study of the current of events, especially in France and America, in the years between 1790 and 1795. His work on the ‘Lambeth’ books is an invaluable contribution to our knowledge and understanding of Blake’s importance in the context of history. . . .Ansari has brought insight, detailed and exact knowledge, and understanding to Blake the Prophet in his formative years. One of the most valuable books on Blake to have been written, and one whose value will not diminish with time, since it is firmly grounded in accurate scholarship – a work for which scholars will be grateful.” – Kathleen Raine “Blake’s message to mankind is universal and is relevant today just as it was in his time in the eighteenth century. Professor Ansari’s style is lucid and easy to read and understand. . . will be enjoyed by both layman and scholar.” – Piloo Nanawatty