Blasi, Anthony J. Books

Anthony J. Blasi (PhD, sociology, Notre Dame; ThD Regis College and the University of Toronto) has written numerous books and articles, principally in the sociology of religion, including A Sociology of Johannine Christianity (Mellen, 1996). He is Professor of Sociology at Tennessee State University.

History of Sociological Research and Teaching at Catholic Notre Dame University, Indiana
2002 0-7734-7163-4

Sociology of Johannine Christianity
1996 0-7734-8753-0
This study uncovers the first-century community dynamics that occurred among the people to whom the Gospel of John is addressed. It first separates early from late passages, then portrays the local social situation around each layer of literary tradition. Following the successive portrayals, the study finds a change from the 'forum' social situation to a 'jurisdictional dispute', and then to a schism between Christians and non-Christians within a local synagogue. Following the schism came the formation of separate Jewish and Christian identities, a high christology among the Christians, and a conformance on the part of part of the Johannines to the practices of other Christian groups. Special discussions focus on Johannine conceptions of ultimacy, the desyncretizing activity among the Johannine Christians, and their similitude of modernity.