Summers, Anne B. Books

Anne Summers, MSW, DSW, is an Associate Professor of Social Work and BSW Program Director at Southwest Missouri State University. She received her MSW from The George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and her DSW from The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. She has been in social work higher education for over 30 years as an administrator and teacher. Her practice experience includes public child welfare and private practice. Her research interests include social work values and ethics, family health, family violence, child welfare, and organizational dynamics.

Strategies and Techniques in Family Health Practice for Empowering Children and Adolescents
2005 0-7734-6283-X
This book is written for undergraduate and graduate studcnts, human service workers, advocates for children and adolescents, and policy makers who are committed to achieving a better understanding of the importance of family health. In contrast to the traditional deficit perspective of working with children and adolescents, this book presents a strengths based family health perspective. The roles and functions of the family are being redefined in every domain of family life - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic, cultural, and social. Embedded in each of these domains are the seeds of family life that can either be nurtured or left to wither and die. The profound challenge is how to identify the seeds to nurture and the seeds to leave uncultivated. The goal of this book is to continue the provocative scholarly discussion about tho good seeds, i.e., the collective knowledge, values, and skills that will stimulate new ways of thinking to cnsure that our children and adolescents are guaranteed the opportunity to grow up in a healthy family. Each of the authors selected presents important family health concepts in a particular field of practice with children and adolescents that are designed to empower each member of the family. The premise is that making provisions for the health of families is the most enduring and important legacy that can be given to our children and adolescents.