Donaldson, Aidan Books

Thought of Lucien Goldmann: A Critical Study
1996 0-7734-8742-5
This work provides the first comprehensive and detailed exposition of the entire oeuvre of the important 20th-century philosopher and social researcher, Lucien Goldmann. His entire range of study, including his writings on literature, political theory and philosophy, as well as his methodology, are examined and assessed in full. Perhaps of the greatest scholarly interest is the author's highly original and provocative treatment of Marx's historical materialism in the light of Goldmann's critique of the German thinker and recent attacks on his thought by postmodernism. It outlines and develops Goldmann's own research in the area of the sociology of literature, focussing particularly on the modern novel and the avant-garde theatre of Jean Genet, as well as the works of Blaise Pascal and Jean Racine and the relationship between these cultural expressions and 17th-century French society. The work contains a significant analysis of the Enlightenment movement, suggesting the German version differs fundamentally from the British/Franco model. It also examines Kant's critical philosophy, and the processes of alienation and reification as detailed by Marx Lukacs and Goldmann. This volume will interest all scholars in the areas of the sociology of literature, Marxism, philosophy and social research methodology. Section headings: Background and Influences; The Philosophy of Tragedy - Immanuel Kant; The Tragic World Vision of Pascal and Racine; Goldmann's Later Political Writings; Marxism, the Market and Consumer Capitalism; Socialism and Modern Society; Assessment; Notes, Bibliography, Index.