Derradji, Abder Rahmane Books

About the author: Dr. Abder Rahmane Derradji received his PhD in International Studies from the University of Reading. He researches and lectures on Political Violence in international relations in conjunction with the Centre for Euro-Mediterranean Studies.

Algerian Guerrilla Campaign Strategy and Tactics
1997 0-7734-2292-7
This study uses extensive primary source material to explore new concepts in understanding the Algerian guerrilla campaign. Besides the history of traditional and modern querrilla in world context, detailed statistical analysis of FLN campaigns derived from French newspaper reports of incidents is also used. Chapter topics include: Experiences of Guerrilla Warfare and the Gap between Systematic Theory and Reality (includes analysis of guerrilla warfare in China, Cuba, Vietnam, et al); Traditional Algerian Guerrilla Resistance from 1830-1908; the Genesis of Algerian Nationalism; the FLN - Military Zones, the Summam Conference, the FLN-Urban Guerrilla Network; French Counter-Guerilla Policy and Practice; the Impact of Jihad on Warfare.

Concise History of Political Violence in Algeria 1954-2000
2002 0-7734-7047-6

Concise History of Political Violence in Algeria 1954-2000
2002 0-7734-7049-2