Moussin, A. Books

This book clearly deserves attention of professionals and students interested in the problems of the Russian Church and Russian medieval culture, specialists in ancient Russian literature, and also archeologists. Moussins’ research is complemented by 93 beautiful illustrations, extensive bibliography full index, author’s drawings and maps. About the author: Alexander Moussin is not a cloistered academic but a clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church, he is the Archdeacon of the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy. Today he combines his Church ministry with academic work. He has developed the courses in auxiliary historical disciplines, the history and archeology of the ancien church ante pacem, the History of Slavic Churches, and the history of the Russian Church, that are taught in the Academy. As successor to professor N. V. Pokrovsky, Alexander Moussin, is reviving the Church Archeological Museum founded by Pokrovsky in 1879 and destroyed in 1918. The author sits with the President of the Russian Federation on the Heraldry Council and is the author of many other works and a leader of archeological excavations.

Rise of the Church of Russia in 9-14th Centuries: Medieval Russian Christian Culture From the Literary Sources and Archeological Evidence
2001 0-7734-3372-4